Monday, April 12, 2010

MGMT Congratulations - It's OK to scratch off the cover!


The new MGMT album, "Congratulations," which drops tomorrow, April 13, comes with a limited-edition scratch-off cover, and while you may be nervous about scratching it, it's OK to! I was nervous about ruining the cover, but I compare this to eating something the way a chef intends it to be eaten. The album has a scratch cover, which means it should be scratched. Note: My album had a sticker on the plastic wrap saying that it was a special scratch-off cover. If yours doesn't say that, I would maybe try scratching it with my fingernail to make sure it is a scratch-off cover.

Here's the hilarious preview video for the limited-edition scratch-off cover: MGMT Congratulations Scratch Off Cover Preview.

Spoiler alert: If you want to be surprised on what the cover looks like underneath the psychedelic purple-and-magenta checker print, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN. I'm posting a photo of the end results. However, if you need to see what it looks like to decide whether or not to scratch, scroll down! It's cool, I promise!

First, some of the scratch-off editions come with a really cool coin to use for your scratching. It has tiny numbers and a fork on one side and crazy cat/creatures on the back that match the front cover.

If you're lucky enough to have one of these coins, start scratching. If not, I'll give you a minute to find a penny or something.

Tip: The scratch-off part is only the purple and magenta. I read in the preview video comments that someone screwed up their cover. I think they might have tried to scratch the cat wave/surfer picture on the side too hard.

Once you're done, congratulations! You now have a cool, kind of avant-garde cover with the crazy animation surrounded by a black-and-white landscape of band members, a picnic, one guy looking through a telescope, etc. while both outdoors and inside a room:

"Congratulations" is pretty great, by the way. It's classic MGMT with their psychedelic dance pop, but it feels a bit deeper and more mature, maybe even more creative than their 2007 debut, "Oracular Spectacular." I'm not sure which style I like better, but I do know that I'm totally feeling "Congratulations" right now. I've been listening to it stream online for a few weeks now, so I'm glad to have a hard copy of the CD, especially because of this cool coin/scratch-cover promo.


Anonymous said...

I hate MGMT.

Jimmy said...

I scratched off my cover and got a big picture of a dick... Is this normal?

Arnida said...

i kept listening and comparing both album for few weeks. the result is: the first album is great...and congratulations is better....hooked up on congratulations since.. when i first listen to congratulations i just feel disappointing... however when played the album again and again it's just getting better.

Freesia Singngam said...

@Arnida I agree. I liked the album much more after I listened to it a few times.